FlickrEdit 1.1.2

A handy Flickr desktop client


  • Support for multiple users
  • User accounts easy to set up
  • Lets you perform a wide range of Flickr tasks


  • It's a bit slow
  • Doesn't support all Flickr features

Very good

FlickrEdit is a simple Java-based application that lets you fully manage your Flickr account from your desktop.

With FlickrEdit you can browse your images, Favorites and uploads from your contacts without having to launch the browser, open the URL and start your session each time. The first time you launch FlickrEdit though you need to create a new user - which you can do by simply logging on to your Flickr account and authorizing the app in Flickr settings. After that, you can simply close the browser and start using FlickrEdit.

FlickrEdit lets you browse photos and sets, view photo slideshows, check your contacts' latest uploads, download and upload photos, see the EXIF data about each picture, mark them as favorites and many other tasks. It also works great as a backup tool for Flickr images. Still, there are some features missing, such as a search tool (the one built in the program only searches your photos) and the ability to leave notes.

Being a Java tool, FlickrEdit is not very quick in response and sometimes takes a while to display photos. That said, we found it to be a very handy tool, especially for Flickr hardcore users.

If you spend a lot of time browsing, managing, uploading and viewing photos on Flickr, this tool may come in really handy for you.

FlickrEdit is a Java Desktop application that allows you to display and edit your photos in a variety of ways. It also allows you to download/backup or upload your photos to and from Flickr. FlickrEdit is written in Java and it uses flickrj framework to access Flickr. FlickrEdit uses Java Web Start to run and update the application.

See this program's features:

  • Display your Flickr Photos and Sets
  • Display your Not in Set, Recent, Favorites, Contacts and Group photos
  • Search photos based on date and tag
  • Backup your Flickr Photos and Sets
  • Backup Title, Description, Tags, and Copyright and store them into the IPTC header of the images.
  • Upload new photos to Flickr (including asynchronous upload)
  • Edit Photo and Set info, add comments to Photos and Sets
  • Rotate photos
  • Delete photos or Sets
  • View a photo or selected photos slideshow
  • Switch between multiple Flickr users



FlickrEdit 1.1.2

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